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Axe Double sideband phone TX for any single band 20 - 80m


Matching bridge and T match for 10 - 160m

3D Counter Low cost three digit KHz readout

5D Counter

Five digit frequency readout

Gurney Slade Regen TRF RX and AM phone TX for 80 or 160m
Halse Simple superhet RX for any single band of 20, 40 or 80m
Hatch Matching phone 5W SSB TX for the Halse
Isle 1.5W CW xtal TX for 1 or 3 frequencies, or 3 bands with Dual LPF

Standard Linear

10 Watt RF amplifier for all nominal 1.5W rigs

High Power Linear Higher Power, especially on lower bands with higher voltage supplies

Mini mix - Mk 2

Mixer kit for VFO crystal mixing schemes - can provide 20, 40 & 80m

Mini AGC Provides AGC facilities for rigs having only manual AF gain control
Mini CW Adds CW facilities to an existing phone only TCVR
Rockwell Regen TRF with two bands from MW, 160, 80 or 40m
Dual LPF Twin Low Pass harmonic filters for multiband TXs
Yeo Mk 2 DC RX, for 1 or 3 bands with Mini Mix kit

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